How to confirm you wish your tickets to be moved to September

You don’t need to do anything, all tickets will be automatically moved to the September date and a new ticket confirmation will be sent to you.

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How to change your flight / accommodation dates

Review your travel agent, hotel and/or flight provider’s terms and conditions; and contact your travel agent, hotel and/or flight provider requesting a change of date on your current booking. All travel agents, hotels and flight provider's are offering date changes free of charge for these dates apart from BA who we expect to do so soon so probably worth holding off for a few weeks if you’re booked with them.

Some useful links:




(BA currently only changing for free until 31st May but we expect this to be extended).

JET2 -

(All fights have been cancelled until 17/06/20 so you can re-book for free).


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What to do if the hotel/villa you booked is not available in September

There will be plenty of options available, some may now have discounted rates due to not being open for most of the year. Here are a few of our favourites (please note that you will have to contact them directly to book):  

Greek Goddess Santorini:




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For any additional travel advice

Information can be found on the Government website:

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If you cannot attend in September

You can transfer your ticket free of charge and join us in 2021, to do this please contact The dates for next years event are 4-8 June 2021.

If you are not able to attend in June 2021

We can exchange the value of your ticket for a double your money SDF gift voucher, redeemable at any of our regular monthly London events for 12 months. This means if you paid £89 for a ticket, you will get doubly that value in entry (£178!) Full info regarding the voucher can be found here. 

To do this please contact (Please note these are not redeemable for brunch parties).

This is a very difficult time for our industry, so we thank you in advance for your continued support and understanding.

If you are not able to attend in June 2021 & do not want a double value voucher

Please send your ticket confirmation requesting a refund to and you can obtain a refund for your festival ticket. We request that all refund requests be submitted by 5pm on Friday 29th May 2020, if we do not receive your request by this time, we will automatically allocate your ticket to our September event.

All refund requests received will be processed within 4 weeks after the closing date (29th May).